JazzTimes Magazine: "...Much as Madeleine Peyroux naturally evokes a hazy, retro vibe haunted by the ghost of Billie Holiday, Osipova spontaneously suggests the luxuriant smolder of Marlene Dietrich. But Osipova does the iconic screen siren one better. Again rivaling Peyroux, she proves herself an excellent songsmith, crafting a dozen consistently fine tunes that extend from the coy playfulness of “Don’t Forget About Love” and arch lustfulness of “Come and See Me Alone” to the bruised longing of “Unavailable,” murky wistfulness of “St. Petersburg” and gentle, romantic swirl of “Wieder und Wieder” ...Perhaps a porcelain-skinned newcomer who evokes images of dimly lit Berlin cabarets from a long-faded era may not have the makings of wide appeal. Then again, it hasn’t exactly kept Ute Lemper in obscurity." - Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Magazine, May 2009

“Absolutely stunning album...This is a warm melodic and haunting sound that mesmerizes the listener. The album is moody and engaging subduing the listener into its spell binding style... A breathe of fresh air albeit a sexy sounding breathe of fresh air... More than Smooth Jazz and more than just a Jazz album, this is in a class of its own...” – Peter Meritt, Music Manager, PBS 106-7 FM Melbourne Australia

“Fantastic Album” – Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Netherlands

“Osipova delivers thoughtful original lyrics with a mix of breathy intimacy and musical understatement” – Stuart Broomer, Toronto Life / CODA

“One of the best jazz albums I’ve heard recently, I’m impressed with the artistic sincerity, depth, and the perfect delivery of the material” – N. Kozlovsky, Radio Minsk, Belarus

“Very nice vocal album which you want to listen to over and over again” – Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA, Luxemburg

“Imagine: a smoky lounge in prohibition-era New York, a raven-haired beauty, one hand rests on the Grand, her voice drifting like a silken ribbon around the room; a troop of soldiers tramps through the bombed streets of Cologne drinking disenfranchised wine straight from the bottle, thoughts of home on their minds, but trudging to the next unknown destination in what seems an endless war…
The story in each song is multi-layered. The story each instrument tells, the story the lyrics relate, the melody, the rhythm, and the overall texture of the song itself, are all the product of discipline and dedication. The composition reflects the lyrics, the melody reflects the words; the album as a whole is a carefully crafted composition rich with crisp, clear smoky tones, and masterful recording” - Dean Unger, BC Musician Magazine

“If you like smooth jazz with smoky, romantic lyrics- this is a delicate treat you can’t ignore... After her musical training in Germany, Osipova moved to Canada, which is our good fortune. She is not just interested in singing the cabaret style torch ballads of old Berlin, she writes the stuff too. She also produced V & L, giving each instrument room to breathe, and yet they work together as one... Turn the lights down, throw on a beret, light a French cigarette if you smoke, close your eyes, and let the sublime charm of Velvet & Lace sweep you off your feet” - John Kereiff, BC Musician Magazine

“A voice like melted chocolate being slowly poured into a teacup...” - Lori-Anne Charlton, Event! Magazine

“A beautiful piece of work” – Steve Dickson, PHD Canada
“Smoky, velvety alto accompanied by a stellar band” - Glenna Turnbull, Kelowna Capital News