Olga Osipova is an award-winning singer/songwriter/ pianist. A new Canadian, Olga grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied music in Germany.  Those diverse cultural experiences are well reflected in her music, which besides jazz is full with flavors of world, cabaret, and fine European chanson.

Olga’s all-original debut CD “Velvet and Lace” won two BC Interior Music Awards (Best Jazz Artist and Album Design); her music received rave reviews from the press and was added to rotation on many radio stations in Canada and across the world (USA, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Poland etc.) Olga performed at 2010 Vancouver Olympics, was announced Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards, and received an Honorable Mention from the 17th Billboard World Song Contest.

Olga’s story is quite unique: born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Olga grew up in a musical family. Her uncle, a famous concert pianist, recognized her talent from an early age and made sure that Olga received classical piano lessons from the best instructors in the country. At fourteen, she was already an accomplished pianist, winning awards and performing complex arrangements well beyond her years.

As she became more fascinated with the art of composition, she began writing instrumental pieces, later adding lyrics to her compositions, as her skill improved. Olga moved to Germany and continued her performance career and musical training at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.

It was in Germany that Olga joined a popular jazz a-cappella group Point 7. With Point 7, she toured Germany and Switzerland, performing in front of crowds of 500+ people. At that time, Olga began to write in German; soon her original song "Wieder und Wieder" ("Again and Again") was receiving local radio play, with Olga's voice and musical style being compared to the late, smoky Marlene Dietrich.

The life journey took Olga to Canada where she started a career as a musician: writing, performing and recording her original compositions. Now residing in Edmonton, Alberta, she has quickly built a solid following, selling out every show she plays. Olga’s music appeals to both jazz lovers and music fans in general; now singing in four languages (English, German, Russian and French), she celebrates diversity through music and across cultures.